About us

Over the years, Patrick Willard W4, music journalist, television personality, collected and kept a unique collection of tickets and backstage passes related to thousands of rock musical events, concerts and interviews that, collectively, trace the arc of his personal and professional life.

With the idea of preserving and sharing these moments with his friends, the artist decided to integrate them into a series of graphic art pieces reflecting his tastes, loves and style.

All of the artist’s creations was originally printed as ink on plexiglass, each numbered 1 to 8.

The various pieces are signed and incorporate W4 signature design elements ; the concert tickets, backstage passes, hidden hippos, symbols and a phrase in Hindi. 

Due to the high demand and increased interest Patrick Willard W4 decided to duplicate his original artwork through limited fine art prints (Not offset!), each signed, numbered, stamped, and certified by the artist. The limited editions sized 70% and 50% of the original creation.

They are printed on vey fine paper weighting 260gr.

Please find more informations on Patrick Willard W4 on his website : http://www.patrickwillardw4.com.

For any questions, please contact us by email : patrickwillardw4@gmail.com

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